one plus one equals three

Hello hello!My name is Andreea I'm 17 years old and I am from Romania(yeah Transylvania)^^ My life is guided by the type of music I listen, I love rock and metal. My favorite subgenres are: gothic metal, thrash metal, black metal, death metal and many others. A few of my favorite metal bands: Type O Negative(my obsession),Opeth(you know what they say, sex is good but Opeth is better), Misfits, The Doors(not metal but they are one of my favorites), The Cruxshadows, Woods of Ypres, Dethklok, Amon Amarth, Motorhead, Manowar, Mercyful Fate( I fuckin' love the guy who introduced me to this band<3), Placebo and many others ^^ I am a bit masochistic, I like pain inflicted in me and in others. One of my biggest fears is that if I my parents continue to make me feel like I am a slave I will become a serial killer when I get the required power to kill someone. Don't get me wrong, I don't cherish human life, I'm just scared that if I do become a serial killer I may end up in jail and the lack of liberty is the thing that scares me here.
~ Wednesday, June 1 ~


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